Pump It Up Fiesta EX 2011 now available

arcadehero February 7, 2011 2

Andamiro USA announced today that the latest software version of their Pump It Up series, Pump It Up Fiesta EX 2011 is now available for operators to purchase. It’s a software upgrade that can be installed on a number of Anadmiro’s PIU models. According to the press release sent out by Andamiro today:

FIESTA EX features over 350 songs with more than 2,000 step charts and more than 30 new songs including some of the latest K-POP songs and new originals along with revived, revamped all-time classics. FIESTA EX boasts an innovative dual interface system that allows for improved personalized customization options that is easily accessible to all level of players. In addition, FIESTA EX features enhanced upgrade Quest World and Rush Mode. Rush mode features a groundbreaking innovative feature that allows players to increase intensity and speed by controlling the velocity configurations. The new ‘FIESTA EX’ software is compatible with Pump It Up (SX, DX, GX & FX) models.

The GX model was recently announced at EAG 2011 but I have not come across any photos of it yet. I imagine that it will be on display at Amusement Expo next month. Here is a trailer for the new game; I have also moved this game to the ‘Already Released’ column on our New Games Watch page.

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