TouchFX now in single and double screen models + special edition Fruit Ninja FX model

arcadehero February 21, 2011 1

Since IAAPA 2010, we have only seen Adrenaline Amusements‘ new coin-op platform, the TouchFX, in a triple screen configuration. The company promised single and double screen models and now according to this page on, those models are now available for venues to purchase. With this news, we also have a list of launch titles that can be purchased for any TouchFX unit – Fruit Ninja FX, Ages of Zombies, Chop Chop Soccer, Chop Chop Hockey and Chop Chop Tennis. Prices for the individual games aren’t listed yet but I imagine that we’ll be finding that out before too long, along with other games converted over to the TouchFX platform.

In addition to all of that, Adrenaline is producing a special edition of the game that is focused just on Fruit Ninja FX (pictured above), details also on BMI can be found here. While the regular models feature option ticket redemption, this appears to have it built in by default. Word has it that this game will be seen at Amusement Expo next week, so we will keep an eye out for it there, and hopefully soon we will find out about some other games that will be making their way to that show, as it’s been awfully quiet on that front so far this year.

UPDATE: Here’s a video of Fruit Ninja FX in action

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