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There was an arcade expo in Spain this past week and thanks to Yerdito, we have pictures of the games seen at the show. There were a few familiar faces on hand, along with a few we haven’t seen much of. Click below to see them!

If there was one thing that had a solid presence at this show it was pinball.

STERN – They had Avatar and Rolling Stones pinball to show off

MARSAPLAY – They had their New Canasta pinball machine on hand here. Stern might not consider these “arcade quality” but at least Marsaplay can get with the times and provide a modern display as opposed to antiquated dot matrix tech that should have been dumped a decade ago. These even have built-in webcam’s and full LED lighting without the mess of a half-mile of wire in them.

BIFUCA- Makers of the digital pinball machines you see below

Now as we get into the video games let’s start with something new – it’s a Formula 1 racer by the name of Cars by INGEVIDEO.

A distributor by the name of Grupo Orenes had a couple of games at their booth which we are familiar with by now – Super Bikes 2 & Dead Heat.

Another distributor by the name of Cocamatic had Taito’s Panic Museum and Hopping Road. Panic Museum seems to be competing with Sega’s Rambo for the greatest number of cabinet variations out there.

Thanks again to Daniel for the pics. You can see the full album with more pictures here


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  1. BMIGaming April 8, 2011 at 9:13 am - Reply

    Spot on assessment on the state of pinball in 2011 – Stern has not updated their games in years, and they are now paying the price for that decision by having a competitor move into the market.. Perhaps “Jersey Jack” will not make the same mistakes as Stern has, and offer up a modern 21st century pinball machine with LCD displays, internet-enabled with global/regional leaderboards, webcams, clean PCB design vs the miles of wiring in a traditional machine, and perhaps based on only ORIGINAL designs/themes that do not rely on outdated “20th century” design, parts, construction and play, and boring licensed titles.

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