A new Chuck E. Cheeses – from 1983

arcadehero April 22, 2011 0

While the video below was posted to Youtube a few years back I only found out about it the other day on the KLOV forums so I’ll share it today as we go into a holiday weekend, which is sure to be a slow spot in a slow arcade news cycle. This is video taken from 1983 of a Chuck E. Cheese store which had just opened at the time. All of the arcade games on site were brand new as well, although you won’t see them until about 2:25 into the video. It’s interesting to see the difference in a CEC from the early 80’s to now – back then they were quite dark and no redemption games to be found and these days its the exact opposite.

If you want to see some other “blast from the past” videos, check out these videos taken in 1982 from an arcade trade show or this news report from ’82 of arcades in the Netherlands.

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