Hanging out at the arcade, 80’s style

arcadehero April 28, 2011 0

(Pic by Conrado4; and Xybots is such an awesome game)

I saw this on Kotaku this morning about a set of pictures on Flickr.com entitled “Growing Up In Arcades: 1979-1989“. I have a slightly different take on the whole “the scene doesn’t exist anymore” line as you might expect. No, the arcade hang-out is not as prevalent as it used to be but that does that mean that it doesn’t exist? Of course not, you just have to go/find to the right place. There are still plenty of places out there who have regulars who hang out at their local arcade of choice – I have a number of regulars who I see on a weekly basis show up at my own arcade of many different ages. So I won’t stand for the premise that the whole scene is dead and that no one hangs out in arcades anywhere. I’ll submit this video I took from my own place this past Saturday as some evidence for that.

Anyways, check out those pictures, which are a fascinating look into the past when “everyone” made them their hangouts of choice. That might include a few downright creepy pictures, such as this one from 1982 (clown warning).

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