New version of Cube Shooter launches at GTI Asia Expo

arcadehero May 6, 2011 0

Via The Stinger Report

While we wait on more photos or videos from the GTI Asia Taipei Expo (I have found a few pics, I’m just waiting for more to accumulate), there are still a few announcements floating around of new product to be found at the show. Here is one for the Cube Shooter by Taiwanese company Zeroplus.  We first saw this as the DEAL 2011 show about a month ago and here is a detailed official look from the company. It’s a videmption game that uses multi-colored LEDs, a force feedback light-gun and it can even link up to 16 units. The launch price is just under $3000 USD which puts it on the lower end of videmption games although it’s also simpler in nature. Zeroplus is also working on a new arcade shooting game called Zero’s Fantasy Adventure, but they only have a teaser image of that for the moment.

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