Knights of Valour 3 in action @ GTI Asia Taipei ’11

arcadehero May 14, 2011 0

Just a short time ago we found out about IGS’s new 2D beat ’em up, Knights of Valour 3. IGS published a teaser site for the game and left it at that. Fortunately, a playable build of the game was at the GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2011 and as such, here is a video of it in action. There is a lot about it that reminds me of Oriental Legend 2 (which I have played), not just in art direction but in character movement and item selection. It has it’s own features that OL2 doesn’t have, such as a shop screen, level selection and it moves along at a faster pace. With the game 70% complete, the only other thing I would like to see from this new game is an English translation.

Via ArcadeBelgium

Speaking of new games seen at GTI, we have the first direct screenshots of InJoy Motion’s Project X-Pher here.

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