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arcadehero June 10, 2011 1

Newsfeed 1053 via The Stinger Report

We’ve got a couple of things to cover for this post. First, The Stinger Report passes along this great news for spreading arcade news:

Breaking Stinger NewsJust as we went to the wire, KWP revealed that they have just finalized an agreement with the consumer game publication EDGE to supply a regular review of the latest video amusement releases. This column is called ‘Arcade Style’ and will be a mainstream review of new amusement titles to the magazines over 29,000 readers. The first issue of this feature was published in EDGE issue 229 (page 22) – becoming the only amusement coverage in the console game magazine sector currently!

Arcade coverage in the mainstream video gaming magazines has been pretty spotty in recent years – when I started writing for Arcade Heroes in 2007 I had just begun writing for Hardcore Gamer Magazine which was willingly open to covering a new arcade games as a part of their coverage. In recent times Edge has warmed up to the idea of carrying arcade news and now it’s been solidified with this deal. Really there is no good reason for any of the magazines out there which claim to be “#1 In The World” or the best in video games coverage to ignore the arcade sector. So keep an eye out for that new issue which hits stands next week or look here.

Also in some site news, I’ve gone ahead and created a new Arcade Heroes Facebook page as a way to better connect those of you who read the site with what is going on. It won’t replace the site here by any means, but hopefully it will serve as an effective tool at getting the word out.



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