Quirky cabs: SFIV 3D, Virtual Boy Arcade, King of Hunting

arcadehero June 14, 2011 0

Newsfeeds 1055-1057 via The Stinger Report

Here are a few strange cabinets where the chances of coming across them are pretty slim.

First is a cabinet we’ve seen before from a trade show in China – the very unofficial Street Fighter IV 3D by the HuaHan International Cultural Development Corporation. Catchy name. In case you are in my situation of owning a Super Street Fighter AE board that no one is playing now since they all have it at home, something like this is an interesting way of possibly bringing people back in, although this is “vanilla” SFIV that few will want to play anyways given how fans generally shun the earliest versions of a fighter.  Via Whbhh.com

This is a neat idea put together by KLOV Forum member Tighe. Take the unloved Nintendo Virtual Boy and make it enticing to play with a sleek arcade cabinet. There actually have been a number of arcade cabinets that used a design where there the monitor is hidden from view unless you look through a scope of some kind – Sea Wolf I & II(Midway, 1976 & 1978),Submarine (Midway, 1979),BattleZone (Atari, 1980) SubRoc 3D (Sega, 1982) or Konami’s Silent Scope series as some examples. Via Technabob

The last one here is another Chinese cabinet called King of Hunting. The four-gun setup is cool although the guns look super cheap, and it looks like it probably plays like a variation of Big Buck Hunter without the polish or personality. It looks like this offers a coin payout too, making it a gambling/arcade hybrid title. Via Gzbwgame

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