More details on Konami’s DDRX3, now DDRX3 Vs. 2nd Mix

arcadehero June 30, 2011 2

Konami has given out some new details on the next arcade installment of the Dance Dance Revolution series and right off the bat one of the obvious changes is the full name of the game, now Dance Dance Revolution X3 VS. 2nd Mix. They sure love adding subtitles to games, I’m sure there has to be a Guiness World record in there somewhere among the billion+ bemani games they seem to have out there.

What this means, as pointed out on, is that there is a separate mode that will “apparently allow users to play a full version of DanceDanceRevolution 2nd Mix, including all licensed music that appeared on the game.” The 2nd Mix album is from 1999. There is over 480 songs to choose from which means that no one has a lot of room to complain as far as selection goes I imagine but who knows.

The Japanese version of the game will use Konami’s online e-Amusement service which will include new community based services although I’m pretty sure the international versions, particularly in the US will be lacking that completely since we still seem to be far and away from embracing online services which could improve player support and sales.



  1. DarkTetsuya June 30, 2011 at 10:32 am - Reply

    I also hear that the version of DDR 2nd MIX that’s included with X3 will be upgraded (I’m not sure if they’ll add in things like speed mods, which weren’t introduced til 6th MIX (DDRMAX)) but it will have e-amuse support.

    I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to play it over here, I mean I didn’t get to play DDRX1 till this year so… maybe someday.

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