How to Spice Up your Wedding & Reception: Have an Arcade Gameroom!

arcadehero August 5, 2011 4

I’ve been to plenty of wedding receptions (including my own) but here is something I have never seen done, although it’s crossed my mind – setting up some arcade games for guests to play. Sure beats sitting around eating little snacks after you’ve gone through The Line. KLOV Forum user MonsterBash posted a few pictures of the outdoor game room setup that took place at the father-in-laws residence. I’m surprised they had the games on grass instead of the concrete seen behind but it looks like it all worked out. At least with a game room like this being present the significant other knows for sure what they are getting into. Our best wishes to the happy couple, may their days of arcade collecting be long and bright with plenty of space to house the games in. 😉

More pictures can be found here at the KLOV Forums

UPDATE: Thanks to Eric Weigand for sharing some pictures from his wedding reception back in 2001 where they were ahead of the curve on this. He’s coming up on his 10th anniversary (congrats to both of them since that can be a feat these days).


  1. Eric August 9, 2011 at 10:45 pm - Reply

    Been there done that.

    My 10th anniversary is coming up. We took games to the reception.

  2. Wiz August 13, 2011 at 2:11 pm - Reply

    Well, actually here in Italy we’ve been doing that – the “Pinball Frunz”, an open air arcade party – since 1994… you can check some photos here:

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