LED Walls for gaming coming to Sziget Festival in Hungary

arcadehero August 5, 2011 1

In the future, TV screens will be "abstract" and thus useless

Newsfeed 1094 via The Stinger Report

Here’s an out-of-home entertainment technology that doesn’t really have much to do with our primary focus of arcades admittedly but I could see something like being installed at amusement parks at the very least. Then it could give Darius Burst a run for it’s money. The Sziget Festival which will take place August 8th-15th in Hungary will have a Vodafone Supertower soaking up all of the attention, a 10-story high structure that will also feature huge LED screens that people will be able to play mobile games such as Rocket Bullet Storm on, in addition to other stuff like “DJ programs”.

More details on the tower and the festival can be found here

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