The world of arcades, shown in quarters

arcadehero August 12, 2011 2

Newsfeed 1095 via The Stinger Report

In lieu of real news, some entertainment that is arcade related both with quarters and in content. This is some great animation work and has a very strong “demo scene” vibe to it – referring to demos created on older gaming machines like the Atari 8-bit or 16-bit computers, Amiga, etc. to show off what the systems could pull off in terms of graphics and sound, often well beyond what was seen in actual games (here’s a video that explains a little bit about the “demoscene”). These were always quite popular in Europe and fortunately in the video below  here they don’t spend twenty minutes showing scrolling screen names of people few recognize. I’ve actually wondered before about some older arcade boards and how far they could have been pushed as well but that’s not the point today.

I do realize this is several months old but it was new to me, and hopefully to you as well

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