From Australia: IKEA tests Manland; Insert Coin(s) retro arcade event a success

arcadehero September 12, 2011 1

Newsfeeds 1110 & 1111 via The Stinger Report

Let’s start the week off with a couple of news items coming from the land down under, more specifically from the city of Sydney.

First is an interesting development coming from the big store chain IKEA. They already have a space for kids to play while parents shop but what about husbands/boyfriends who really aren’t that into the whole shopping experience(especially if they know in advance that it will likely take several hours)? The new Manland that was being tested out at the IKEA in Sydney sought to confront that problem by giving the guys a place to relax with free food, foosball, an Xbox, sports TV and pinball. There’s a 30 min time limit per person however and the ladies get a buzzer to let their significant other know that time is up. Whether it was successful enough to keep around and bring to other IKEA centers remains to be seen, if so I’d just say expand it with more games.

Here’s a news report about the Manland and you can also read an article about it here @

Also in Sydney recently was an event called Insert Coin(s). Hundreds of people showed up to the event which had food, live entertainment, launch of Resistance 3 for the Playstation 3 and “countless classic video arcade machines.” I have looked around and there don’t seem to be any of the photos of the event online yet unfortunately but it sounds like it was enough of a success to warrant other Insert Coin(s) events there.  Story via

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