Blazing Angels gets a new cabinet release

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In 2008 GlobalVR brought the popular console title Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII out to arcades in a deluxe sit-down cabinet. There haven’t been many entries in recent years for aerial combat games (Sega’s Afterburner Climax would be one although that is no longer produced) so that certainly helped it stand out along with the cabinet drawing players in. I actually have had one for my own arcade and it’s always done pretty well, it’s a consistent earner that brings back certain regulars to play it over.

Three years later this comes as a surprise as GlobalVR has announced the availability of a new version of Blazing Angels, housed in a cabinet similar to the Aliens Extermination/FrightFearLand/Justice League Deluxe cabinets we have seen. It still sports a 42″ monitor, it just lacks the seat with the 5.1 sound and the feedback mechanism and presumably, a smaller price tag. Whether or not they’ve changed anything in the software, it’s not indicated. It’s not the only game which had only a deluxe version and is now getting a standard as well quite some time later due to demand, although I am surprised that sometimes it takes a while for that demand to catch up. Places with a lack of space aren’t anything new and it’s nice to have options at different price levels to possibly fit more games into a venue, thus offering more to customers.

Press release can be found below



San Jose, CA ­ – September 14, 2011 – GLOBAL VR is pleased to announce that the perennial top-earner BLAZING ANGELS is currently shipping in a stand-up cabinet with a 42” LCD display. 

One of video coin-op’s most successful flying games, BLAZING ANGELS was originally released to the industry in the spring of 2008.  In addition to the stunning graphics and addictive game-play, it also boasts a realistic sit-down cabinet that comes complete with rumble seat and fighter plans controls.  Exciting to sit in – fun to play.  Since then GLOBAL VR, has received many accolades for the game and many requests for a smaller version so locations with space limitations could also enjoy the benefits of a game of this quality and earning potential.  With dimensions of W = 40”, D = 58”, H = 82”, an installed weight of 475 lbs. and all of the controls necessary to pilot a WW II aircraft, this new model fits the bill.

 From its introduction, this game captured the imagination of players, young and old, as it transported them back to a time in history that most people have only heard about.  Fly over London, Pearl Harbor, and Africa in one of the many realistic WW II aircraft as you tackle the selectable missions.  From easy to hard, these missions will keep both novice and experienced players entertained for hours!   

 More information about BLAZING ANGELS please visit or contact your local GLOBAL VR distributor.


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