Finally, an FPS simulator

arcadehero October 23, 2011 0

Newsfeed 1129 via The Stinger Report

One might say that after watching that guy go to town on Ghost Squad in Thailand, that every light-gun shooter is an experience that rises to the class of simulator. To be honest, we all know that 99% of people won’t play the game the way he does. If you need a little help, then check out this upcoming FPS simulator that has been built by the Gadget Show. By using EA’s Battlefield 3, multiple screens and infrared tracking cameras, a multi-directional roller floor, a hacked Kinect device and some paintball guns so you actually get shot at, this makes for a First Person Shooter simulation experience unlike any other. At a cost of $650,000 however, it’s not a simulator you’ll stumble across any time soon.

Engadget has the info on this one, here is a Youtube preview of it in action, it will fully debut tomorrow on the UK TV program, The Gadget Show.

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