Square Enix’s New Arcade Game That Will Transform

arcadehero December 4, 2011 1

Newsfeed 1138 via The Stinger Report

Robots that change into something else is a hot ticket item right now and as such, that’s bound to spill over into the arcade space to some degree. We saw a little but of that with the recent Power Truck game seen at IAAPA, but Sqaure Enix wants to one up that with the new Rajasthan Rosetta game they are developing for arcades and the Nintendo 3DS, for a Japanese release next year.You will not only get to race but also transform your car into a mechanized robot to do battle, using a card system. To innovate further, the arcade cabinet will “transform”, with the dashboard opening up to reveal two pairs of trigger-controllers for the battle. I’m sure it will be an interesting sight to behold at a Japanese arcade next summer.

Gpara has some more details and pictures about the game here.

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  1. ECM December 4, 2011 at 4:54 pm - Reply

    Duping my semi-agitated FB post:

    Awesome! Another game we won’t get to play! *glares at Shining Cross*

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