Another Building With Projected Pinball + 24 Hour Le Mans Pinball in France

arcadehero December 21, 2011 0

Newsfeed 1144 & 1145 via The Stinger Report

Remember Pinwall? It’s been a while since we covered that but it’s still an interesting enough of an idea to warrant other virtual pinball setups like it. This one in particular is called Urban Flipper, developed by CT Light for the Fete des Lumiere (Festival of Lights) 2011 in Lyon, France. The projection is 3D mapped so that actual surfaces on the building face can serve as bumpers and targets.Via Ufunk.

While we’re on the subject of pinball in France, I also received a another piece of news from The Stinger Report about an upcoming pinball event there next March. It’s being called 24 Hour Le Mans Pinball, and for the details: “The dates are 24th-25th March and there are 2 tournaments over the weekend, both with WPPR points on offer – the main tournament on Saturday and a classic tournament on Sunday. This will be the biggest pinball tournament in France with 30 pinball machines allocated for the main tournament alone – whatsmore, everyone can play all these games 24 hours-a-day over the weekend! There are places for 200 tournament entries so there will be plenty of WPPR points on offer!

Website for the event is here; English translation here. Thanks to Andrew Heighway of the UK Pinball Party for the heads-up.


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