Custom Coin Mech Reject Button Art by Tighe

arcadehero February 22, 2012 0
Custom Coin Mech Reject Button Art by Tighe

Here’s an idea that I’ve thought of on occasion although never looked into it – changing the art on your coin mech reject buttons. It’s been crossing my mind more often lately as at my own arcade I have just undertaken the task of switching over from tokens to quarters as token loss has proven to be pretty high and we haven’t been able to replace them at a proper pace.

Usually the inserts are boring – just saying “Quarters” “Tokens” “25¢” or are just a drawing of a hand inserting a coin but now they can be interesting thanks to KLOV Forum user Tighe. Admittedly I’m behind on this as the thread running about this on KLOV is almost two years old, but it recently started up again.  As he says “All you need is a printer and print the image to 0.625 x 1.170 inches” and you can find his library of images here on Picasa.

I already can see some uses of these for my own place – Ryu for SSFIV; the Terminator head for Terminator Salvation; Atari logo for the Atari games; Midway Logo for my Midway games; the Ms. Pac-Man would be amusing for PacMan Battle Royale (although where I’m a public arcade, might not be the greatest idea); Q*Bert would work for a number of games too.  What ideas come to your mind for something like this?

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