Chinatown Fair Arcade Re-Opening Soon

arcadehero March 16, 2012 1
Chinatown Fair Arcade Re-Opening Soon

They say time heals all wounds and in this instance I suppose that can also mean disputes with landlords. It was pretty big news across the internet when the famed Chinatown Fair Arcade had to close it’s doors last year and perhaps it will be big news again when people learn that Chinatown Fair will re-open sometime in the near future. This news came about from Kurt Vincent, who was recently capturing a little more footage of the space for his documentary about the location and he met with the new owner who was cleaning the place out and moving games back in. Whether that means they will have the exact same game selection as before is something that remains to be seen but the fact that the location is coming back is certainly welcome news.

This won’t affect the existence of an off-shoot arcade that came out of the CTF closure, The Next Level Arcade which is in Brooklyn. It’s good news in the fact that it means more locations to encounter arcade goodness in the Big Apple. But let’s also keep in mind, it’s not the only “hardcore” arcade to show up in recent times, although I know it’s more popular for places like Chinatown to collect attention – we’ve recently had news of others opening up such as Arcade Odessey in FL, No Limit Arcade in IL, Strykers Main Street Arcade in OR, Atomic Arcade in UT, GameCenter in CA among others.

[Kurt Vincent Blog via Joystiq]

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    I appreciate your site
    Will this location have a Joust upright I can add to my tour: Joust Tour USA

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