Japanese News Round-Up: Gunslinger Stratos Event, Guitar Pee, Puzzle Bobble + more

arcadehero April 7, 2012 0
Japanese News Round-Up: Gunslinger Stratos Event, Guitar Pee, Puzzle Bobble + more

Newsfeeds 1182-85 brought to you by The Stinger Report

It’s Easter Weekend and as such you can’t expect much out of the news but thanks to The Stinger Report, here are a few newsfeeds of randomness to enjoy.

Square Enix’s Gunslinger Stratos had another event held in it’s honor, SE’s way of hyping the game up in advance of it’s summer release. It’s not far off from the Big buck HD revelation event or Pac-Man Battle Royale’s D&B parties that were held last year but these sort of events are much more common in Japan so while this isn’t a huge deal, it’s always good to see an arcade product being hyped up. [Dengeki Online]

One newsfeed was a link to the homepage of the Amusement Game Park Warehouse in Japan. The website is copyright 2009 so it isn’t necessarily a brand new facility but new enough and it looks nothing like what one might expect from a warehouse. It seems to offer an upscale amusement experience and has quite a bit to offer beyond just arcade gaming.

The idea of enhancing the male public bathroom  visit is heating up, now there is Guitar Pee, which will be more for the rhythm gamer with a full bladder. This will be competing with the likes of the IP Media Unit we saw in the UK in January. [Kotaku Japan]

And finally, Puzzle Bobble is now on Taito’s NESiCAxLIVE platform, as they continue to beef up their classic game selection through that service. Sorry if the headline had you hoping for more, I certainly was. I am thinking why not just make Puzzle Bobble 5 at this point, NESiCA would make it easy to distribute. Likewise a few other games have hit NESiCA this week, including Raiden III & IV [Puzzle Bobble on NESiCA page]

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