The Belated Arcade Heroes Podcast – April 2012

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The Belated Arcade Heroes Podcast – April 2012

It seems like it took place ages ago but we used to do podcasts on a semi-regular basis. Then life got too busy and that went to the wayside. Life is still quite busy but Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report and myself found about an hour and fifteen minutes to sit down and talk about what has been going on in the arcade world recently. We cover:

AOU in Japan and some of the games seen there

Recent location openings

Western Arcades and What makes arcades great

Recent arcade game announcements (about 30 min in)

The state of pinball lately

Talking about Dariusburst location testing (about 56 min in)

Delve into sci-fi TV and movies at random, some other thoughts, thanks and mention of Caine’s Arcade

Hopefully it’s enjoyable enough to sit through the whole thing but let me apologize in advance – audio quality from Kevin is not very good. For some reason it looks like the stereo mix setting did not record the output properly and it sounds like it just grabbed what it heard off the mic instead of pulling the audio directly. not sure why it did that but for whenever the next time comes along that we do this, I will work on making that record cleaner.

Download the podcast! MP3 format; 70MB (Right-click, Save As)

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  1. GhaleonQ April 12, 2012 at 4:35 pm - Reply

    Any Arcade Heroes podcast is a worthwhile podcast. Thanks for the new episode!

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