Namco to Open New Facility in Japan; tiny Star Wars Arcade playable cabinet; DNA US Conference Moved

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Namco to Open New Facility in Japan; tiny Star Wars Arcade playable cabinet; DNA US Conference Moved

Newsfeed 1195 & 1196 via The Stinger Report

Most of our location opening news comes from out West but the occasional news from the East doesn’t hurt either. Namco has a new facility that is opening tomorrow (4/27) in Joyo City, Japan. That is in the Kyoto Prefecture for the curious. According to the translation, the location is called “Namco Al Plaza Chengyang shop” and as a way to attract kids, they apparently will have a Pikachu mascot there for the event (in other news, kids still like Pokémon apparently) and there will be some prize giveaways on Saturday. From the mockup image below of the 680 sq. meter facility, it’s certainly a kid friendly place with cranes and kiddie rides – I imagine that the arcade video games are tucked away in there somewhere.

In other news, sent to me from two different links so take your pick – Gizmodo UK (Stinger Report) or Techland Time (Thanks to Eric Weigand) – is a mini but working Star Wars Arcade machine (Atari version). It’s a foot tall and is great for those who had hands too small for the very first Xbox controller.

For a microsecond I had hoped he made his own mini-color vector monitor but that thought belongs in the fantasy-land where all of the other arcade ideas hang out at.

UPDATE: I forgot to add this to the post yesterday, apologies about that. Here’s a press release that the upcoming DNA US Conference has been pushed back so it’s even more upcoming now.


NOTICE – DNA US Conference Forced to Change Dates  


[Los Angeles, USA, 25 April, 2012] The organizers of the DNA US Conference 2012 announce that due to unforeseen circumstances, the May event has had to be rescheduled for the 2nd and 3rd of October 2012. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused, but confirm that this groundbreaking event will still be held at the Davidson Center in Los Angeles; and the extensive conference schedule will be unchanged for the new October date.   

Speaking on the rescheduling, event organizer Kevin Williams said, “I want to personally extend my apologies for the short notice and inconvenience for changing the date to October the 2nd and 3rd, 2012. I understand the confusion about the new dates, but we have been the victim of our own success and have had to bend to growing supporter demands.

The DNA US Conference originally planned for May would have unintentionally clashed with a number of events that had recently announced new dates – and certain sponsors of the DNA conference requested that it be rescheduled to ensure a wider attendance of their clients and contacts. We can now expect that there will be a number of new product announcements at the October event, making the event more timely.
This development will have no impact on what will be the first US gathering exclusively for the Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment (DOE) sector – and what promises to be the start of a major series of conferences and roadshow events, promoting key opportunities in the international digital pay-to-play industry.


Now with the new dates of 2nd (Tuesday) and 3rd (Wednesday) October 2012, and to accommodate the increased level of interest, the organizers have updated ticket availability to ensure the largest opportunity for those interested to support and attend this conference:

– Conference Admission Fees :   

$499 (until Aug. 1)
$575 (from Aug. 2 to Sep. 28)

$650 (from Oct. 2)


Registration and additional information online – go to :   

For further information on Attending, Supporting and Sponsorship opportunities, or details about the conference, please contact:

Michael Mascioni (Project Manager)

– The Digital Out-of-Home Interactive Entertainment Network Association (DNA) Conference is an international seminar event for the Digital Out-of-Home Interactive Entertainment (DOE) sector – covering manufacturers, suppliers and operators of Video Amusement, Interactive Digital Attractions & Simulators, Content Provider, Digital Kiosks, ExerGaming, KidTainment / Videmption, Digital Hospitality, RetailTainment and EduTainment. The conference is part of the DNA Association, operated exclusively by KWP; a ground breaking organization representing those working in this sector.

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    Haha just reminded me of how all arcades were dying in japan or so they think the wannasee arcades are dead sort of people,

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