Atari Trivia To Kick Off Atari Month

arcadehero June 1, 2012 0

40 years ago in June 1972 a business was created that would launch off an industry that would influence and entertain millions of people, while also providing an economic boost to many. That was the founding of Atari, which would release Pong that same year and later many other influential video games. While Atari does exist today, unfortunately it does not deal with coin-op video games of any kind as Atari Games (which turned into Midwest West for a short time) closed over a decade ago before Midway itself exited the coin-op market.

But that shouldn’t keep us from celebrating many innovative and fun ideas that the people behind the company would bring to market. Kevin Williams  and I will be providing some historical materials over the month and to kick it off, here is another trivia game, all about Atari’s coin-op developments from the 70s. More trivia will be coming along in the following weeks. Also if any ex- Atari  would like to share their thoughts with us about their experiences or games they worked on during that time, please contact us above!

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