Atari Trivia # 2 and the Ultimate Atari History Timeline

arcadehero June 11, 2012 0
Atari Trivia # 2 and the Ultimate Atari History Timeline

Continuing our 40 years of Atari celebration comes another interactive trivia quiz game and a detailed history of Atari that has been compiled by Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report over years of his work in the industry.

Here is the second part of the Atari Trivia. If you haven’t tried out the first one, go here. The second one has 11 questions mostly dealing with Atari in the 1980s. Next week will be a quiz handling most of their 90s stuff. It’s all about their arcade side though, perhaps I’ll keep some of the home console questions for week 4.

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Now for Kevin Williams’ Atari History Timeline. This is being posted with his permission as it is his work from compiling data over the years while doing projects within the industry.  If you’re having trouble with the trivia games, this will certainly help.

Download the PDF = Atari_History03a


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