From the Park Avenue UK Open Day – New Taito game Trickloose

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From the Park Avenue UK Open Day – New Taito game Trickloose

Newsfeed 1211 via The Stinger Report

Yesterday was the Park Avenue Open Day event in the UK, an annual event where Electrocoin and United Distribution Company show off what they have – usually along with some surprises. From the most part they had games on hand that we have covered on Arcade Heroes before – Hopping Road , Real Puncher 2, Power Truck, Golden Tee 2012 LIVE, Pac-Man Battle Royale, Bejeweled, FrightFearland, AC/DC Pinball, Fruit Ninja FX, Speed of Light and Pirates Booty Deluxe. But there is one game that was on hand which was a surprise, a game by Taito called Trickloose. (Maybe Tricklooser from the looks of it but not entirely sure since what could be the R is completely different and it would be strange to use looser in a title so we will play on the safe side for now)

Taito and Electrocoin have a cozy relationship as when we see Taito come out with something in the West, Electrocoin is usually the first company to get their hands on it (which is why they have Hopping Road and Real Puncher 2). But nothing about this game exists in the Japanese arcade news scene so it looks like a game designed for Western audiences. This has a ticket feature making it a videmption game but whether that is something that comes as a default or if its optional is unknown. As you can see from the picture below, this game uses hardware just like Kickthrough Racers as it uses the foot pump on the back of the scooter but the theme is more for teenagers/adults. Currently this is only slated for a release in Europe, no word for now on it showing up elsewhere.

Aside from that a few photos of the games we have seen before.

As always thanks to Kevin Williams for providing us these exclusive pictures!

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  1. Arcades4ever June 15, 2012 at 8:04 am - Reply

    I wonderif they are gonnna release the original game as well as this European exclusive? Hopping road has proved to be popular so I think having kick through racers would be a good game to have especially if it has the same characters from the game 🙂

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