Arcade Game Reviews Now Up

arcadehero June 23, 2012 0
Arcade Game Reviews Now Up

I mentioned on the Facebook page a little while ago that I was working on some arcade game reviews and I finally have some up. I figure that since websites that review video games tend to overlook arcades completely, we may as well put it out there since we get to play these games fairly often. That’s actually how I got picked up for this site originally as I was writing arcade game reviews for the not so successful Hardcore Gamer Magazine. I have decided to leave out any ratings system – I was going to do one but then I realized that its often too arbitrary and it’s too easy to have what you write and what you score not really match up. I try not to look at the games with rose colored glasses as best I can – every writer has their biases of course but I will try to present all of the information I can so you know what these games are about and what to expect from them. I will add more reviews as time permits, I’ve let writing these get in the way of news for the past few days so I’ll try to balance it out. I also will invite those that have contributed to AH before to share their thoughts on a game if they so wish that I can include into the review.

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