Next for Neo Geo MVS: Neo XYX; Next for Konami: Beatmania Tricoro

arcadehero September 19, 2012 1
Next for Neo Geo MVS: Neo XYX; Next for Konami: Beatmania Tricoro

With Gunlord under their belt, the NG:DEVTEAM in Germany has continued work for the arcade Neo Geo MVS system. Their next game goes back to the realm of shooters, which is something they have some experience with already through titles like Fast Striker and Last Hope. According to information released about Neo XYX as they are calling it, it will be the first MVS game to support a true vertical screen mode but it can be set to horizontal or vertical. There will be six stages, six bosses, a medal chaining and ranking system, and overall they are calling it a “maniac” style shooting game. Here is the first teaser of the game in action running on an Egret 2 arcade cabinet; like their other releases, this will be released for the Neo Geo MVS so that operators with an MVS and interest in the game can pick it up and later on they will likely release it on other platforms like the Dreamcast.

In Konami Bemani news, Eddie Lechecka from sent in a tip about Konami’s latest addition to their Beatmania series (which is not as well known as Dance Dance Revolution but is very important in the history of rhythm gaming) called Beatmania IIDX 20 Tricoro. The game is now available in Japan, if you are interested in details such as the song list and more, check out this out this post on the forums. On interesting thing they are doing with it is crossing over support with their EDF-like arcade game, Steel Chronicle. Don’t expect a wide release for this one out West however.

UPDATE: Via the BemaniStyle Twitter feed, a link to with some direct Tricoro screenshots.

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  1. SonicMan9393 September 20, 2012 at 7:37 pm - Reply

    Very interesting, Go NG team!

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