DNA Conference Overview

arcadehero October 1, 2012 0
DNA Conference Overview

For the past few months we have featured an ad on our website for the Digital Out-of-Home Interactive Entertainment Network Association USA Conference that is taking place on October 2nd & 3rd. As those dates are upon us, here are a few more details about what will be going on at the said conference. To give you and idea of what the DNA Association is about, they describe themselves as ” the  ONLY  trade  association  focused  on building  a  supportive  business  and  commercial  environment for the DOE (Digital Out-Of-Home Entertainment) sector”. The panels to be held at this conference revolve around that, and by panels it means that most of these listed below are not lectures but panels where three or four individuals will discuss the subject. The schedule:

1. Keynote by Chris Stapleton

2. The Next-Generation Arcade!

3. New models of Interactivity in movie theaters

4.  Maximizing Social media in Leisure Facilities

5. Augmented Reality’s Next Stage in Leisure Facilities

6. Interactive entertainment experiences in Public Places

Day Two

7. Opening Presentation with Randy White

8. Riding the Wave of Gesture-Based Experiences in Leisure Facilities

9. High Impact – 3D Interactive Marketing in Public Places

10. Connected Simulation and gaming

11. Closing Statement by Kevin Williams

For anyone attending I am sure it will have a lot of useful information and discussion to enjoy. For more details on each panel, you can read about them at the DNA Conference website.

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