InJoy Motion Launching AirSeries Cabinets at IAAPA 2012

arcadehero October 5, 2012 0
InJoy Motion Launching AirSeries Cabinets at IAAPA 2012

Among the new content that we can expect to see at the upcoming IAAPA show in November will be a new type of cabinet created by InJoy Motion which they are calling the “AirSeries”. InJoy typically specializes in motion base games but occasionally does some other things, as one example their most recent game was Project X-Pher, a mounted light-gun game with some unique motion feedback in the guns themselves.

Today we were sent a release by InJoy discussing their newest development, the AirSeries cabinets. Yhey have taken their racing game setups and redesigned them to better attract players to them using translucent plastics and multi-color LED lights. They also have redesigned their motion base technology although they are mum on the exact details as to how that has changed, aside from that you still get roll, pitch and vertical(or “heave” as they call it) movement from the base.

At present the games supported by this new design include Dido Kart 1, Power Boat and Street Racing Stars. Future releases by the company that involve a sit-down cabinet will likely support it as well. InJoy is always at IAAPA and last year they had a couple of new games, the aforementioned Project X-Pher but a surprise as well with a music touchscreen game called Love Touch, although my understanding is that ultimately that one only was passed over for a release here out West. Still, they could always have some sort of surprise to show which we will be sure to report on if such is the case.



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