Videos! Fix-It Felix Commercial, King of Arcades Documentary, Marching Band Game Tribute

arcadehero October 9, 2012 0
Videos! Fix-It Felix Commercial, King of Arcades Documentary, Marching Band Game Tribute

Any day is a good day for videos and today we’ve got a few to share that are arcade related. Thanks to several of you who sent in tips about these!

Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph film, which we have mentioned several times already is less than a month away and as they continue their strong marketing push on the film, they have ‘unearthed’ an old commercial for Fix-It Felix Jr., run by an arcade called Litwak’s. Yeah, it would be great as an arcade operator to have the capital to run commercials for one arcade game at your location. 🙂

Speaking of film, with documentaries there is still plenty more to cover in the world of arcades and here is news on another project covering some arcade history. Called The King of Arcades by Sean Tiedeman, this one interviews people from Ralph Baer to Walter Day, Joel West, Mark Robichek, Tim Balderramos, Steve Sanders, Richie Knucklez and more. There is a Kickstarter funding page setup for the film and currently they are almost at $5000 raised out of their $40,000 goal. With 39 days left to go they still have plenty of time to raise funds and of course they have a number of perks to offer depending upon how much you donate. Here is the teaser trailer:

And finally a video that has been getting some rounds out there with the Ohio State Marching band offering up their own impressive tribute to video games during the half-time show of Ohio vs. Nebraska. With the video already getting over 4 million views, it’s obviously hit the right chord with gamers out there.

UPDATE: Esteban Martinez sent some links of a couple of videos he has made for a series he is working on covering arcades in America.  One showcases the Yestercades location and the other Eight On The Break, both locations we have mentioned on the site here before. There are plenty of arcades to choose from for a project like that but when it comes to documentaries about the arcade scene, personally I would like to see one getting into locations that are out there now and are still getting somewhere, like this seems to be doing.

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