Winter X Games Snocross Arcade Begins Production Monday

arcadehero October 26, 2012 2
Winter  X Games Snocross Arcade Begins Production Monday

UPDATE: Here’s the first pic of the production models:

For those interested in checking out the latest title from Raw Thrills, one that combines Super Bikes 2 and Arctic Thunder into one, under the Winter X Games ESPN license, then it won’t be long until that game might show up in an arcade near you. The news came from a simple and brief post from a Raw Thrills executive, Andrew Eloff on Facebook (link via AAMA FB page) so we don’t really need more confirmation than that. They also tweeted the news.

As for the game itself, we’ve discussed this a few times already. We posted the first screenshots from the game a short time ago and a video trailer was released right after that. The game makes use of QR codes which you can scan with a smartphone to post your scores. One new thing about it though are the “All-Time Leaderboards” which are being posted to the Raw Thrills website. There you can see some of the best times from the different tracks, as well as the best race tricks, takedowns, jump distance, airtime and games played on a single machine. What’s nice is that when you scan the code to share this info, it also has the location tacked onto it so it works as a marketing tool for the locations that have the game.

I have not heard of pricing info on this yet but I would not be surprised if it is close to what they charge for Super Bikes 2 on the deluxe model, the standard model probably costing several hundred less. Either way, here’s

I’ve moved the game up to the “Already Released” category on our Arcade Releases page for 2012.


  1. Johnny September 13, 2014 at 11:15 am - Reply

    Can you explain to me how jump second is done on Fast n Furious Supercars. Do you have to do all 3 different car jumps 1.Helicopter,2. 360 Roll, and 3. Flip off the ramps? one each in order to qualify. I know how to do the 1.Drift Chain,2.Drift,3.Drift time,3.Air Time,4.Tricks. pleaae help

  2. Johnny January 13, 2015 at 11:59 pm - Reply

    How do you Execute the BIGGEST JUMP on the arcade game Fast and Furious: Supercars their are Ranking 1st to 10 to put your initials mine is JJT.I have tried Regular Jumps,Flips,360 Rolls, Helicopter Spin n on different tracks to no avail. Top 10 for Biggest Drift/Biggest Jump/Biggest Drift Chain/Most Drift Time/Most Tricks/Most Air Time/

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