IAAPA 2012 Videos Part 2

arcadehero November 17, 2012 0
IAAPA 2012 Videos Part 2

Time for some more IAAPA 2012 videos from the trade show that took place in Orlando, FL this week. I have a large post with pictures I am also working on but that is something that takes more time to put up than this so we’ll go here first. In case you missed part 1, you can find that here.

Here is Stern’s booth that had AC/DC and X-Men Pro pinball. I wasn’t aware that they had decided to switch over to red DMD screens on all of the games but when sticking with the monochromatic displays I think that the red does look nicer. X-Men is a fun game, the flow is great with some magnets, three flippers, two ramps and big toys.

Here is a brief look at the Andamiro booth, showing some Pump It Up Infinity and Pump It Up fiesta 2 2013. They also had a new baseball videmption game called Homerun Hero there but I didn’t know about it until after doing the video so here is the picture. It is pretty straightforward, just push the HIT button at the right time for a certain kind of hit on the ball.

Here is GlobalVR’s new game, The Swarm. Being a mounted gun title it shares some similarities to their previous work in Paradise Lost and Frightfearland but it is the first time they have gone into the realm of 3D. The graphics are decent but don’t seem to have been updated from the original 2009 game, aside from the 3D part of course. I like that there is a wide variety of enemies to shoot, objects to break apart and secrets to find. I came across one that opened up a bonus room, something I haven’t seen in a while. There are multiple paths to take, however for some reason the game does not indicate what they are – when you get to a branching point it just sits there with no enemies attacking so you start shooting around until you hit something that takes you on another path. Seems like that could use a fix, as well as some color changes on the target reticules so they do not blend with the enemies. The game has a yellow and red label setting, if red the gore is plentiful, among the more bloody arcade games we’ve seen in quite a long time. O f course it is just an option so that venues that appeal to a more mature crowd can have that.

Street Fighter II created a whole generation of wannabe games and while SFIV has reinvigorated the fighter scene, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that its exactly the same SFII effect all over again. But exceptions can happen. Chaos Generation by Chinese company Sealy goes in that direction, pulling a strong influence from SFIV (update, yes and Mortal Kombat – let’s say its a blending of both) as can be seen in this video. The level locations are all in China instead of around the world. It is a four button title and the setup they had at the show was a “versus” pair of back-to-back connected cabinets.

Here is the newest Sea Wolf 55, which has a completely new cabinet sporting a 55″ screen, more lighting effects and upgraded software where planes will attack you and you use a machine gun to blast them away. Still is a fun game and tickets are optional for the operator, not required.

Wahlap had returned to IAAPA and except for one game their selection was no different, that game being IGS’ Speed Driver 4. Great graphics and action like #3, this is more of a technical driver, not a casual game.

I have seen Golden Dragon International at every IAAPA show and this year their main video title at the both was Super Speed, with four units linked together.


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