Start The Week Off With Wreck-It Ralph News, Bigfoot Bonkers Find

arcadehero November 19, 2012 1
Start The Week Off With Wreck-It Ralph News, Bigfoot Bonkers Find

Good Monday to everyone, here’s to a good week. If you are in the US then it is Thanksgiving this week so safe travels if you are en route anywhere for that. Also speaking of the holiday, it’s always hard to say how much news there will be but I will be keeping an eye out for anything as usual.

So for a short round-up of non-IAAPA related news there are a few of Wreck-It Ralph things to take a look at. First, Disney has recreated Game Central Station at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as a part of a meet-and-greet where kids can meet Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz. Details.

Also in Wreck-It Ralph news, Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe had a rematch on Fix-It Felix Jr. Here is the video:

And finally in regards to Wreck-It Ralph, if you want to print up one of those Out Of Order signs like they had in the movie, you can get the files from Johns Arcade. I have a feeling this will be the most popular Out-of-order sign for arcades ever.

Moving away from WRI, but with something that is kinda sorta along the lines of a big video game character, a user at the KLOV Forums has come across a rare but working Bigfoot Bonkers by Meadows (1976). After restoring it he took some pictures and made a video of it, this being the first time I’ve seen a video of an actual BB machine. This came out around the time as a lot of other “snake” type games where you try and make your enemy run into your light-wall but there are large footprints that will appear on the playfield that you also have to avoid, which is one small thing this game did differently. It’s an interesting little footnote of a game forgotten by time, by a company that never really made anything to keep themselves going through the Golden Age. More info on this find here.

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    Those OUT of Order signs are great, thanks!

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