New Footage Of NG:DEV TEAM’s NEO XYX

arcadehero November 23, 2012 0
New Footage Of NG:DEV TEAM’s NEO XYX

Independent developer NG:DEV TEAM has just released this footage of their latest creation, NEO XYX which is being developed for the Neo Geo MVS arcade hardware among other “dead” platforms. I always find charm in developments like this, although moreso on indie developments of older unique game hardware as opposed to PC or currently supported hardware since it often seems to be more a labor of love to get these projects through to completion. In the case of NEO XYX, they are also pushing some boundaries on the hardware with their titles, something else I like seeing done in practice instead of in a demo. This particular game will be the first vertically oriented shooter title for the MVS system, i.e. you can actually setup the monitor vertically for the action. The game will support either orientation but for shooters, vertical is always best.

Anyways, here is the trailer which shows the second stage of the game. This will likely be ready for a release sometime next year.



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