Press Releases: Dark Escape 4D, Dream Raiders, UNIS USA

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Press Releases: Dark Escape 4D, Dream Raiders, UNIS USA

Here are some quick updates on the latest arcade titles to reach the market, thanks to some press releases that have been making their way out into the inter-ether lately.

First off is Namco’s Dark Escape 4D, which I have heard is available at a few different venues already. A press release about that game also was sent out not long ago but it had an interesting tidbit in there, that Namco has already sold out of their first production run on the game. I’m not sure how many units that entailed but either way good sales means that the chances of you coming across one are higher.

Namco's next shooter uses mounted guns

Also in the realm of co-op mounted gun shooters, Sega sent out a press release earlier this week to indicate that their newest game Dream Raiders is now in the US, fully stocked at and ready to go. I have heard of a place on Montana about to get one soon, should be interesting to see how that fares, not sure if any of you out there have come across one yet. Where this game has some slight aim towards the very popular and profitable Typhoon Motion Theaters, seeing the two duke it out in earnings could be a fun battle to witness. I might have jumped the gun on saying that this was available in November but either way, it is now.

And in another press release, UNIS or Universal Space has opened up a parts and service division in the US, specifically Dallas. That being the case means better support on the machines that they are pushing for the market out West a sign as to their expansion, particularly with their new games Fruit Mania Extreme and After Dark.

All three press releases can be found by scrolling further. But one last thing that does not have anything to do with press releases but rather rumors. Arcade Heroes has not been telling anyone about anything that is slated to show up at the upcoming AOU replacement show, JAEPO next month. On another blog which I will not link to here to feed them traffic, an individual was claiming us as a source that SNK Playmore is slated to release KOFXIV and a new Metal Slug at the show. This claim is false. We have not provided any information to anyone about the show as for starters, we know nothing about it aside from the existence of a JAEPO website. These rumors are being pushed by someone who seems to pop-up every year about the same time with a bag full of rumors that are all untrue so until the show actually happens or we get some other credible information, please take these rumors lightly. I do see a change in the direction though as usually the rumors are about Sega’s next big thing. I’m sure everyone would be excited if games like this were coming along (although honestly it doesn’t take an astrophysicist to discover that SNK has another KOF coming along since they release a new one almost every year, the series being Japan’s Golden Tee) but its best not to get hopes up until some real evidence is shown. The show will be here soon enough and I am sure there are some great surprises in store but we will share the news of that with everyone when it happens and not through back channels.

Onto the press releases, first Namco, then Sega, then UNIS, which is the order I got my hands on them.




ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL – Every year during IAAPA, dozens of new games are introduced to the amusement industry. Out of those dozens of games, one leaves IAAPA crowned the “best.” The 2012 Brass Ring Award for Best New Product in the Arcade Video Game category goes to one game that exemplifies creativity and originality. This year the award went to NAMCO’s new two-player shooter, Dark Escape 4D. Its unique and thrilling features have instantly created a buzz around the amusement industry. This is much more than a video game; it is an entertainment experience that bombards your senses. It has re-paved the path and created a new standard for video arcade games.

The NAMCO booth at IAAPA consistently saw lines of people waiting to play the new Dark Escape attraction. Booth personnel had to impose time limits for players to ensure that all attendees were able to play the extremely popular game. During the game-play, there are many unique features that make Dark Escape so memorable and frightening. Front and rear air blasters create a full body experience from the breath of a lunging zombie to the “chill” down the back of a player’s neck from a pursuing enemy. Rumble seats and heavy recoil guns add to the full physical experience the game offers. The stunning 3D HD graphics will heighten the excitement to a point where it truly feels like monsters are leaping out of the screen. Player specific 5.1 surround sound audio puts the action all around. Players hear the excitement in 3D as well as see it. This experience is so heart pounding that NAMCO has included heart rate sensors on the gun grips. A player’s heart rate is constantly being monitored throughout the game with “panic attacks” being recorded. At the completion of each stage, the number of panic attacks recorded will be displayed for each player.

Orders for Dark Escape 4D were overwhelming during IAAPA and the first production run is completely sold out. The next limited run will begin shipping in March of 2013. Don’t miss out, Pre-order yours today!

For more information about Dark Escape 4D and all of their products shown at IAAPA, please visit as well as NAMCO’s YouTube channel or call (847) 264-5610. NAMCO’s YouTube channel features a trailer for Dark Escape 4D as well as a video showing the reactions of people playing Dark Escape at IAAPA Attractions Expo.

About NAMCO America, Inc.

NAMCO America, Inc. (NAI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of NAMCO BANDAI Holdings (USA) Inc. NAI uses cutting-edge technology and advanced electronics to take their coin-operated video games far beyond traditional entertainment. NAI is the premier manufacturer of coin-operated arcade games & attractions ranging from the hottest video games like Dead Heat, Deadstorm Pirates, and Pac-Man Battle Royale to popular redemption games like BarBerCut Lite, Jumpin’ Jackpot and Dunk Tank Prize. Re-live the glory days of the arcade with Pac-Man’s Arcade Party: a collection of the greatest classic games from NAMCO. For the greatest arcade gaming fun, NAMCO America is your answer!


Press Release
For Immediate Release


Sega Dream Raiders 55” Two-Player Motion Based Theatre Cabinet is here and Available for Immediate Delivery
London, United Kingdom 15 January 2013 – SEGA, the company that brought you a long list of blockbuster Theatre Cabinet Games including House of the Dead, Jurassic Park, Confidential Mission Force, and Let’s Go Jungle introduces their latest Theatre Cabinet Game, Dream Raiders… and this one moves.

About Dream Raiders – Game Play
Dream Raiders takes players on a wild ride through one of 9 different dream sequences filled with high speed action. Ride a dragon, pilot a UFO, get on horseback or put on your super suit and head for the skies! Dream Raiders features an exciting mix of exhilarating experiences that everyone will enjoy. The combination of intense motion, wind, sound and visuals combine to give players everything they ever dreamed of!

“Dream Raiders creates an extremely immersive and interactive gameplay experience,” said Sega Sales Manager, Vince Moreno. “The inclusion of a seat mounted, force-feedback blaster engages players like no other ride themed game. In Dream Raiders, players are active participants that have to battle monsters and blast through obstacles. Players become much more connected to the gameplay than in other ride themed games.”

The seat mounted, force-feedback blasters are a unique feature to Dream Raiders. “The blasters are attached to the motion-based seat,” continued Moreno. “The benefit of this is that the blaster stays in the same position relative to the player regardless of the motion of the seat. It delivers a much more comfortable game play experience that leaves players feeling more in control of the action.”

Click here to see some of the exciting video from Dream Raiders.

About Dream Raiders – Cabinet Features
“Dream Raiders is one of the most attractive presentations ever created by Sega,” stated Sega President and COO, Paul Williams. “The combination of extruded plastic cowlings, multi-colored LED accent lighting, back-of-seat plasma display, and multi-colored internally lit LED player-controlled blasters creates a visually striking package sure to draw attention in any location.”

In addition to the “eye candy” created by its cabinet configuration, Dream Raiders also boasts:
 In-Seat Sub-Woofer – players will feel the action
 Motion-based, 2 player bench seat with reliable electric motors and gears rather than costly actuators
 High-powered fan that furthers the illusion of flying through space
 55” HD LCD monitor delivers crisp and clear high-def graphics
Assembled Dimensions
D81” W63” H87” 1385lbs
D2050mm W1590mm H2200mm 628kgs

For More Information About Dream Raiders
Dream Raiders is available for immediate delivery. Contact your Local Authorized Sega Distributor or Sega Sales representative for more information about these exciting offers:
Tom Keil: (704) 817-7294 or
Vince Moreno: (224) 265-4271 or
Pete Gustafson: (224) 265-4281 or
About SEGA Amusements
Serving markets across the globe, SEGA Amusements is a wholly owned subsidiary of SEGA Corporation, Japan. SEGA Amusements is an industry leader in creating state-of-the-art interactive video, photo-tainment, self-contained merchandisers, kiddie rides and redemption games. Products range from single-player upright video games, to self-contained merchandising games, to multiplayer attendant operated simulators.


UNIS USA moves into Dallas

UNIS USA (Universal Space) has just launched a Parts and Service Center in Dallas, Texas for its expanding US customer market. Tim Snelling, appointed Parts and Service Manager has more than 25 years experience in the coin-op entertainment industry.
“We are proud to have Tim as our Parts and Service Manager”, commented UNIS General Manager Steven Tan, “he brings a wealth of background knowledge to the UNIS Family”.
Tim has worked for many notable companies, 15 years as Manager of Technical Support and Service at CEC Entertainment, 7 years as Director of Entertainment at Peter Piper Pizza and most recently Area Supervisor for TriCorp Amusements in Florida.

Tim Snelling can be reached at 214-552-7774 e-mail

UNIS USA Parts and Service hours are Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Central Standard Time.


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