Helping Out Chris Dellutri of Galloping Ghost Arcade

arcadehero February 1, 2013 0
Helping Out Chris Dellutri of Galloping Ghost Arcade

UPDATE: While not active yet, the page will be

While we usually talk about games and venues, there are a lot of people involved behind the scenes of making these things happen. Unfortunately as life goes, sometimes bad things happen, and other times tragic events take place. A recent tragic event I recall is the death of an artist for Play Mechanix by the name of Ryoichi Yanase who was killed in a car accident in early 2011.

It was another car accident that is at the heart of this story, that of Galloping Ghost Arcade employee Chris Dellutri. While he survived the accident, it was quite severe and his most recent condition was posted to the Galloping Ghost Arcade Facebook group page:

He has Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, 2 brain bleeds, a severe concussion and now Face Blindness. Face Blindness means that he can’t recognize anyone not even himself. His vocal cords are damaged. We won’t know how much for a few weeks. They aren’t sure yet, but he may also have traumatic amnesia which can happen with major head injuries.

They are seeking out some help for Chris and his family, as described by the operator Doc Mack.

I appreciate everything everyone has done by supporting Galloping Ghost Productions and the Galloping Ghost Arcade, but now we are asking for some help. As many know, our best friend Chris Dellutri was in a tragic car accident and now we are looking to help him with his medical & recovery bills. Chris was always there to help us on both the Productions end and was a HUGE part of opening the arcade. We will be setting up a website & trust fund to help with his recovery bills. Also we will be having donation boxes at our Swap Meet Event tomorrow along with giving the proceeds of Shang Tsung’s Fight Night 3 to help him. Any donations are greatly appreciated. For everyone that has sent their get well wishes, they are greatly appreciated as well. Everyone one here wants him back at the arcade as soon as possible, as he is greatly missed. Thank you everyone.

The details on the donation site and trust fund have not been unveiled quite yet but they should be soon. Stay tuned to the GGA Facebook page above for updates and I will also share the links through our FB and Twitter. I hope he goes through the speediest recovery possible but given the injuries it is going to be a long process, certainly a heart-aching one for his friends and family.


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