JAEPO 2013: Groove Coaster Arcade, DDR, Sound Voltex II, More

arcadehero February 14, 2013 0

UPDATE: Some of the first videos from the show can be found here.

The replacement show for the AOU is officially underway in Japan, known as JAEPO 2013 and through some news sources there we are getting our first look at some of the hot items to be available soon in Japanese arcades, and perhaps a few that will find their ways overseas as well. I tried to get some video posted here but it’s all on video sites that WordPress and available plug-ins don’t seem to like very much. For the moment, most of the images below are from Japanese arcade news site AM-Net, except for a few picked from the Taito Twitter feed.. Below is some news about Taito, Sega and Konami although not all of it certainly nto all of it. Right before I hit publish it was announced that Namco’s Mario Kart Arcade GP DX will be released in August.

Speaking of Groove coaster Arcade, Taito is taking their mobile rhythm game and not holding back on the cabinet design, giving it a huge screen and unique controllers. Taito has been promoting this a bit on their English social media outlets and we will certainly mention it if they decide to try this out in the West. To give you an idea of how popular this is, there is a 110 min wait time to get onto the machine, according to Taito’s Twitter feed!





Smart of AM-Net on this one. Often shows like to restrict taking photos at booths but they can’t stop you from snapping a picture of the flyers!



Here’s the stage where ZUNTATA is supposed to be holding a short concert


Some of the latest NESiCAxLIVe download games available to use and abuse. 4Gamer is reporting that a 2D fighter called Chaos Code – New Sign of Catastrophe is coming to NESiCA this year.


This is big deal in Japan, the Square Enix card controlled game Lord of Vermillion 3.


Not to be outdone by SquareEnix, Sega has their own card game coming out called Code Of Joker that has been attracting a lot of press in Japan. I don’t expect either of these to get traction outside of Japan and maybe China, based upon what we’ve seen with these types of games so far.


Konami is all about the rhythm games, including their new armada of Apple-esque cabinet designs. Here you can see the next installments of DDR, Beatmania and their Dance Evolution Arcade.


Here is Konami’s answer to Sega’s Border Break which we have covered a few times before. This is an updated version, that they are calling Steel Chronicle Be.


Sound Voltex II: Infinite Infection standing by to infatuate players.


Prepping to show off another new music title with Konami’s FutureTomTom


Believe it or not, Capcom still occasionally decides to make new arcade games. This one which is about angry racing pigs (or something like that) has been seen out on location tests already, I guess here is where they’ll gauge industry reaction to pig-shaped joysticks.


All images above via the always excellent AM-Net. They have more than this but I figured to share what is most relevant to what we like to cover..

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