Coming In July: ITG European Cup 2013; Bonus: Weston Super Mare Pier Walkthrough

arcadehero February 21, 2013 0

Two news stories here that are different in nature, shared more by them being located in Europe than anything else. Both were sent our way by Toby Nanakhorn, thanks to him for that. And before I get to that, another alert for a US location test. Word has it that there is a secret location test going on for a new Namco game this weekend. Where? No idea. What? No idea. My guess, Mario Kart Arcade given the big deal that is. But we will have to wait and see.


First off is an upcoming In The Groove game tournament in July called the ITG European Cup 2013. Toby describes the history of the event best: “There used to be an annual ITG European Cup tournament every year at Silverstone, Amsterdam. It’s a huge entertainment, racing and arcade complex with bar and a club area. Positive Gaming used to sponsor this event yet stopped for various reasons. The fans still went ahead and held events over the years, and just now Positive Gaming have decided to fully back the tournament yet again. I think it’s important as this has always been the biggest dance game event in Europe with the best players travelling from all over. With the arcade scene and dance game scene struggling as it is, this will be a big one!” In addition to the expected ITG games they will also have ReRave there, I’m sure there will be another surprise or two to be found.

For those interested, you can visit the event’s Facebook page here. So far 66 people are planning to attend but there is plenty of time for more to join as word about it spreads.

Also from Toby is a video he made walking around the Weston Super Mare Pier. You could think of this an an addendum to our London Arcade Corridor article from the other day.

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