The Arcade Scene In Israel

arcadehero March 19, 2013 2

Most of the time our focus on arcades are restricted a few particular regions or countries – the US, Japan, UK, Taiwan, China, Australia and a few others. But just because we don’t get constant news from other areas does not mean that there is nothing to write about there. A few years back I ran a piece on some arcades I came across while in Brazil. Every May there is a show in Dubai called DEAL which is for amusement in the Middle East and I have heard of increased interest in Africa as well. The opportunities in what we might consider to be uncommon sales regions are there, they just have to be sought out and reported on a little more.

One area that we have admittedly not heard much about is Israel. Recently on the site a number of arcade locations were added to the site from that country. Then the person responsible for that contacted me and pointed out his Youtube channel which shows a lot of these locations. Here are a few, the rest you can find on the Youtube channel of user Gamefun29. From the looks of it, the game selection is really not much different than what we might see in arcades in the US, with a mixture of redemption and video content.

Here is a look at 10 arcades in 10 minutes through various locations in the southern city of Eilat.

Magic Fun Center in the Nahariya Mall.

The Pgame Arcade at the Cinemall in the city of Haifa

Game Zone at the 7 stars mall in Herzeliya



  1. John January 25, 2015 at 4:06 am - Reply

    I am looking into starting an arcade centre in jerusalem town.
    I am trying to work out why this has not been done yet , is it because of. Import tax, or a lack of demand. Would you mind to help me out with this thank u
    John kraus

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