More Buildings Turned Into Giant Arcade Games

arcadehero April 19, 2013 0
More Buildings Turned Into Giant Arcade Games

Last week I caught a glimpse of a project down in the megalopolis, São Paulo Brazil that involved setting up a building there as an arcade game. It had “Paulista Invaders” setup on it (Paulista is the name of a São Paulo resident) and people in the street could give it a whirl. I meant to do a post about it but got sidetracked. It’s not the first time we’ve reported about such a thing but was one recent case. Here’s the video:

Then today I found another story of a plan to do this in Philadelphia, PA USA at 8PM EST (which is right about now when I’m typing this). The setup is a little different but the plan is the same. This is also part of the Philly Tech Week 2013, which is one reason why they are doing it, aside from it being the cool thing to do now. The Sao Paulo example is a bit more obvious and detailed though as the entire side of the building really becomes a screen, the Philly example uses fewer lights but a different method for an effect.

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