Boardwalk Arcade To Be Open July 6th-Sept 8th in Rochester N.Y.

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Boardwalk Arcade To Be Open July 6th-Sept 8th in Rochester N.Y.

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The Strong Museum of Play is in the news again, this time they will have an exhibit that appeals to the nostalgic feel of a boardwalk with retro games – although retro now includes various titles from the 90s (in case you don’t feel old already when that is thrown around).

The Boardwalk Arcade Exhibit will feature titles like “Donkey Kong, Cruisn USA, Pop Cycle, STUN and Warrior” according to the article at, which admittedly is a strange choice of titles to share(I would expect Donkey Kong but would also expect to see Pac-Man/Galaga/Asteroids/Centipede before Cruisn’). I am guessing that the mentioned Pop Cycle is supposed to be Namco’s Prop Cycle; STUN must be Atari’s STUN Runner and speaking of Atari, the article also mentions that the museum is hosting Atari by Design: From Concept to Creation which starts on June 22. However for some reason they mention Street Fighter as an Atari game, which is news that someone must have gone back into time and changed history but I still remember it being a Capcom game. Weird.

They also will have a Disney’s Fix-It Felix Jr. cabinet on hand to play, which is certainly one title many kids will likely be familiar with thanks to Wreck-It Ralph. How many FIFJr. cabs are out there is one question up in the air – Disney made a few of them for promotional material, I have heard 100 but there also have been some talented cabinet makers creating their own.

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  1. VideoGames June 6, 2013 at 6:12 pm - Reply

    You’re right about “Prop Cycle” and S.T.U.N. Runner.” These are examples of some games, but others such as Pac-Man and Centipede will also be included. I’d also add that there’s a 5,000 square foot permanent exhibit dedicated to the history of electronic games which also includes a number of classic titles. Check out .

    And yes, Street Fighter was a Capcom game, but they commissioned Atari to design the deluxe version of the cabinet.

    • arcadehero June 6, 2013 at 7:04 pm - Reply

      I dunno, using the 33″ showcase cabinet is a bit of a stretch to say that it was part of Atari’s general game design philosophy. Someone not versed in the history of it all will likely end up confused by an article stating Atari designed games like Centipede and Street Fighter when their involvement in SF had nothing to do with the game itself, just one of many cabinets used.

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