Backstage Retro Arcade Now Open in Ludington, MI

arcadehero June 19, 2013 0
Backstage Retro Arcade Now Open in Ludington, MI

Among the many points I made in my book about arcades, one was that arcade machines are not limited to being placed just inside of facilities called arcades. Just about any business can find a way to use them as long as they can afford the equipment, have some space dedicated to them and someone to make sure that everything is running correctly.

One business in Ludington, MI USA is taking those steps by adding games to their hobby & game store called Backstage Hobby & Games. It is normally dedicated to console and tabletop gaming but the owner, Nate Petersen, has been restoring an arcade machine here and there over the past couple of years.Those restoration efforts have reached critical mass and now they backstagearcadehave opened an entire room dedicated to arcade gaming. That part of the business they are calling the Backstage Retro Arcade. Presently there are about 15 games on the floor for patrons to enjoy but they have “more in the wings to rotate in”. Among that game line-up players may find: Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man, Time Soldier, Mortal Kombat, Battletoads, Primal Rage, X-Men (6 player), Soul Calibur 2, Rolling Thunder, Smash TV and even a Data East Laser War pinball machine. Machines are set to take quarters “with pretty generous lives/plays”.

We wish them the best of luck in this new part of the business and for those interested in finding out more:

[Backstage Hobby & Games Main Facebook Page] [Backstage Retro Arcade Facebook Page]

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