Atari’s Paperboy Lives Vicariously Through PaperDude VR

arcadehero August 1, 2013 0
Atari’s Paperboy Lives Vicariously Through PaperDude VR

After Warner bought up the Midway properties, which included the Atari Games content, they haven’t really done much with the treasures they have. Yet another sequel to the Mortal Kombat series was handled and some multi-game compilations approved but that’s it (so far).

Where they haven’t taken action others are looking to feel any nostalgic voids that happen to be floating in the ether. The Oculus Rift VR device has opened the doors for many developments in the VR realm that was merely promised by the 90s. One Canadian company by the name of Globacore is looking to make use of the ORVR device and the concept behind Atari’s Paperboy into a reality.

According to the Globacore site, their “homage to Paperboy” also makes use of Microsoft Kinect and Kickr (an “iPhone powered bike trainer”) to provide a full VR experience with their upcoming PaperDude VR game. This video gives a proper run-down of the idea which is still in prototype stage and while nothing is suggested about it becoming an arcade amusement setup(their company generally designs marketing exhibits), that seems to be a logical path to take given the number of required accessories to make this sort of thing work.

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UPDATE: I mentioned on a Twitter conversation that an arcadified version of this would be cool until a VR version of Toobin’ came along. Whaddaya think?

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