Newsbag: Missile Command History; Fantastic Arcade Spotlight; Persona 4 Arcade Updates

arcadehero August 18, 2013 0
Newsbag: Missile Command History; Fantastic Arcade Spotlight; Persona 4 Arcade Updates

Once again this past week was even slower for news than usual but part of it is me getting sidetracked with numerous things(I meant to post this Friday evening and due to more sidetracking, I’m only posting this now). On Twitter I described the new Transformers: Human Alliance cabinet by Sega which was shown to me on a phone. Unfortunately I don’t have it in my possession to share with you but in case you missed the description, here’s some of the tweets covering the relevant info:

“[The picture] was from the AAMA Gala where pictures weren’t allowed but this person got a close shot anyways. It’s smartphone land these days. The Transformers Human Alliance arcade cab is Bumblebee yellow, multi-color LED backlit art on the sides of the 42″ monitor.It’s a cross between Let’s Go Island upright and one of the Terminator fixed gun cabs. Mounted guns from LGI, chrome plated.42″ HD screen. Not sure of exact resolution but better than Let’s Go Island or Operation GHOST just by appearance”

I imagine we’ll have a picture to share before too long. Here’s the teaser for the game in case you missed it.

In other quick news, thanks to Adam Coate:

Every game has history behind it, some perhaps more interesting than others. In the case of Atari’s Missile Command it’s easy to assume that it’s nothing more than a simple Cold War cash-in but there is more to it than just that. has the details. Also in case you hadn’t heard already, Youtube had an easter egg for their “Geek Week” where opening up a Youtube page and typing 1980 would bring up a version of MC to play. Given the current state of Atari and the owners wanting to carve it up piece by piece for the highest bidders, it doesn’t seem like a return of MC to arcades is something that will be happening anytime soon.

Indie games for platforms like the PC have often attempted to find ways to market themselves in some fashion to go “viral”. Being put into an arcade cabinet to achieve that goal is nothing new but if you are curious about the latest examples, takes a look at 8 titles given their own custom cabinets at the Fantastic Arcade Spotlight.

Persona 4 Arcade has been in the news again. Joystiq mentions some of the additions to this currently arcade-only update but there are a few reports out of Japan from the location test via AM-NET – [Small Room Aries Report] [ report] [Famitsu Report]

That’s it for the moment but the goal this week is to get part 2 of the Midway Prototypes post up.

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