Newsbag: Arcade Button Watch, Terminator 2 Arcade Footage

arcadehero September 7, 2013 0
Newsbag: Arcade Button Watch, Terminator 2 Arcade Footage

Happy weekend once again to everyone. In some areas with school getting in full swing it has probably meant a slow-down for many arcades so if you’ve been meaning to get to your local place for sometime, make it this weekend. This week was flush with news about new openings so I imagine those places will be busy as locals check out the new venues.

The first item was sent to me earlier in the week by Aaron Auzins, pointing out a website by Jon Vogel who worked on Terminator 2: Judgement Day Arcade, among some other Midway titles including the Mortal Kombat series and The Grid.  He’s posted a couple of items from the development of that game, here’s one of the videos where they captured footage for use in the game later.

Speaking of history, check out this archive of emails from Atari Games that spans 10 years. I might have shared this at one point but can’t remember; H/T to Eriku Mironasu for the link. A lot of it is mundane stuff but it’s interesting to see how they used e-mail before that was really a thing that the public used every day. In 1987 there are a few bits about Xybots, which was called Robox at one point but you have to sort through a lot of other things to get there.

I saw this on Twitter from Sega Amusement‘s feed – an arcade button watch. Pretty simple concept; $60 in price. It’s not a smart watch, which is supposedly going to be the next tech rage but still cool in its own right.  Would be a cool prize to find at an arcade or something to sell if the arcade could get them wholesale.  See more at the Watchismo Times.



Well that’s it for now, I was hoping for a few more tidbits to pop up but didn’t come across any.

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