Taito & Scrap Launches A Game Station Real Escape Attraction In Japan

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Taito & Scrap Launches A Game Station Real Escape Attraction In Japan

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Point & Click adventure games had their heyday back in the 80s, representing a contrast in PC gaming at the time compared to arcades. The closest arcades would get to that style of game was done by titles like Dragon’s Lair. It certainly wasn’t the same experience and even those fell out of style pretty quickly on the arcade side.

The answer to providing a puzzle type adventure isn’t to port a video game into a game cabinet but rather go the path that a company by the name of Scrap has developed. Rather than tell you, let this video show you what the concept is all about:

According to the Scrap website, this idea has been carried out in various locations in Japan and China and once last year in San Francisco, CA USA. Now this out-of-home entertainment idea is getting a boost in conjunction with Taito where one of their popular Game Station arcade locations has begun offering the “Real Escape” experience. The mystery that players need to unravel involves arcade games and some other items that come from Taito’s history. 4Gamer.net has more details on the intriguing idea.  According to the Scrap website, while the success rate of solving the puzzles to escape is quite low, they are consistently popular.

The official Taito X Scrap project website can be found here. What are your thoughts on this, would you like to see more Real Escape setups make their way to a place near you?




  1. Hugo Lowenstein November 3, 2013 at 9:18 pm - Reply

    An escape the room game?

  2. 60Hz November 4, 2013 at 6:32 pm - Reply

    haha yeah i saw people doing this in SF, it was around chinese new year i think… interesting. taito!

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