Japan This Week: Groove Coaster, Puyo Puyo Arcade, Gunslinger Stratos 2

arcadehero November 7, 2013 3
Japan This Week: Groove Coaster, Puyo Puyo Arcade, Gunslinger Stratos 2

While a lot of the focus for arcades this month shines on releases out West, they don’t stop bringing games to the forefront in Japan. Here’s what is going on this week.

First off is a game that was unveiled towards the beginning of this year by Taito called Groove Coaster Arcade. We’ve covered it a few times on AH. This is based upon the iOS music game that they’ve had some success with. Here is a release video showing how to play, which is useful in case you are unfamiliar with GC to begin with:

In the event that you have not had a cute overload today, Sega has released this trailer for their new Puyo Puyo Quest Arcade. The buzz on this one is that Sega is experimenting with a “F2P” (Free-To-Play) model. It apparently worked out well enough in testing but I think more F2P will likely be limited to a few genres if it goes anywhere after this.

It’s not out yet but at select locations in Japan you can begin enjoying location tests for Square Enix’s Gunslinger Stratos 2. The tests run from today through the 24th. The official GS2 site can be found here.

Am-net has a few more details on this including the flyer showing off some of the new characters.


It seems doubtful that any of these games will ever get an official release out West but one can always hope for the the occasional import. Not that I’d pin any deep hopes on that. Groove Coaster Arcade seems like it would be the most likely for that since the game is familiar with Westerners but with Taito it is difficult to say which way they will go.


  1. Hugo Lowenstein November 8, 2013 at 12:06 am - Reply

    Gunslinger Stratos is porn! How terrible!

    • smaktak31 November 9, 2013 at 12:49 pm - Reply

      F U, this game looks SICK!

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