Videos From IAAPA 2013 + More Details on Congo Bongo

arcadehero November 29, 2013 1

Generally speaking, the week after IAAPA is not one with a lot of news. A lot of people are traveling in the US for Thanksgiving and for a lot of companies in the business, they aren’t open the last two days of the normal work week. I meant to post this the day before Thanksgiving but got sidetracked – Happy Belated Thanksgiving out there 😉 Also hopefully any arcade operators are having a good “Black Friday”. We don’t usually draw a lot of attention in that regard since we don’t exactly have gifts to sell for Christmas although with a prize redemption attachment to any arcade that sort of falls under the idea.

Regardless of all that, here’s a little bit more from IAAPA 2013 that is found via Youtube at present.

I received some more videos via email that were taken at the show and I put those along with some photos into this video. The clips are low resolution since they were compressed to work in an email message but they still give you a good idea of how each game plays. I had to overlay them with some music to cover up the trade show rumble noise, which over powers anything you can really hear from the games anyways.

Here is ReRave Plus (Step Evolution/Coast-To-Coast Entertainment) in action:

I received some more information on UNIS’s Congo Bongo, a videmption driving game that is controlled by bongos instead of the traditional steering wheel/foot pedals. What I did not realize from the pictures we had received was that this is actually a motion game, AKA the seat has motors to move the chair around. UNIS also has issued a press release for the game which you can read here (DOC file). According to this, the game was quite popular at IAAPA and will be released in January 2014.


Also here is the official video for the water/light-gun game, Frost Island by UNIS:

Here is Cruden’s Powerboat simulator tech demo. We ran a story about this one not long ago.


Speaking of simulators, here is the Evotek’s F1 simulation unit.

AgisGame has a low quality video up from the show floor, giving you an idea of a few booth setups. They focus on redemption stuff in this one.

One thing about IAAPA that is hard to get a grasp of unless you actually go there is the sheer size of the event. There is a lot more going on than just revenue generating (RevGen – hip new way to say coin-op) arcade machines. This video gives a sample of that. towards the end is a cool motion simulator with a dome screen, kind of like Mach Storm but bigger. The game itself while interactive looks sparse (if you are going to give players a light-gun then there should be a lot more stuff to shoot than what is shown here).

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  1. Arcades4ever November 30, 2013 at 6:00 am - Reply

    That Congo bongo actually looks really fun to play even if it does rip off donkey kong bongo racer game. it was meant to be used for the GameCube to use with the bongo controller but was ported instead to the wii where you shake the wii mote and nun chuck. I hope I see this game in the arcade, the motion seat looks similar used in another game by gaelco called smashing drive

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