What Was The Name Of That One Game? + Arcade Dominator Returns

arcadehero May 17, 2014 1
What Was The Name Of That One Game? + Arcade Dominator Returns

Happy Saturday everyone. Nothing as far as “news” to speak about so I’ll just go with some fun items. Also if anyone cares, I’ve started a little blog on the side to talk about other stuff that doesn’t belong on Arcade Heroes that I’m calling Gaming Arcryphon.

First, I’ll share three images from some arcade games, they might be old they might be new but I’ll try and stick with something more obscure if possible. Often times you might remember a game you came across as a kid and you remember a few vague details about it but not much else – especially the name. There have been thousands of video arcade games produced since 1972, for this “quiz” I’ll stick to just 3. Can you guess what they are without first looking at the redacted spoiler? Have you given any of them a spin?

(Scroll your mouse on the black box to reveal the name)



Xain’d Sleena / Solar War by Technos



Gamshara by Capcom



Extermination by World Games

Stinger Newsfeed 1365 on this one. Freddie Wong, who has gained fame through his many clever Youtube videos has a new one up that involves arcade gaming again. Much like an arcade game there isn’t much of an explanation to tell us why the arcade has Fun Police around, but that’s ok. It’s promoting Infamous: Second Son for the PS4 and was filmed at a Round 1 location.

Speaking of videos, I don’t think I shared this on AH yet but here is my latest arcade game review for Sega’s new Transformers: Human Alliance:

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  1. 60Hz May 19, 2014 at 11:02 am - Reply

    gamshara looks awesome – gonna have to look up some vids… i like this feature, keep it up!

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